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Cassie B

Saturday March 30

 With show-stopping talent and extreme passion, Cassie B stops at nothing to create an extraordinary experience you’ll never forget.
An artist of many talents, Cassie B also found a passion for dance. Culture Shock San Diego, a dance organization, noticed Cassie B at an audition and wanted her before she was even old enough to dance for them. So, she trained in their teen group, Future Shock San Diego for 2 years until she could dance for the adult company. She went on to be involved with many projects. Most notably, she choreographed and performed in Invisible Children ad campaigns, Pocahontas: The Musical, and Sea World's live shows. Cassie B's music draws from the rich sounds of Motown soul and funk that she grew up listening to. She loves creating feel good music that makes you want to move. "I've been given this gift for a reason," she says. "I want to use my music to make a positive difference in peoples lives.

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